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Now, through the global reach of the web, any church or Christian ministry in the world can obtain high quality, scripture-packed discipleship booklets and pamphlets for FREE distribution! When downloaded and printed out by your computer, our wide assortment of professionally produced, royalty free pamphlets can be reproduced inexpensively by a standard copy machine or printing press. Evangelical churches and missionary organizations in many nations are currently using these well-written, doctrinely sound materials to touch lives for the cause of Christ.

Our series of Victorious Living Bible study pamphlets, consist of scores of different titles and subjects, all relating to basic Christian living. These are excellent for discipleship or display rack distribution. Each tri-fold pamphlet is attractively typeset with eye-catching graphics, composed of approximately 1500 words, and printed in a one-color format for reproduction on a standard 8.5 x 11" paper sheet. These materials are designed to be duplicated inexpensively for missions purposes, and are made available at no cost to any church or missionary work. Authored by veteran pastor/author, Dr. Dale A. Robbins.

NOTICE: Some PDF titles may not yet available, but will be online soon.

Download/Printing Instructions

These titles are downloadable in the high quality PDF format, and will require an Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe) in order to view, download and print from your computer. Click Catalog# to view text, or Click "Download PDF" to download pamphlet master. After you retrieve the selected pamphlet into the Acrobat screen, you will select "landscape" mode in your printer options in order to proceed with printing. The best quality will be achieved with a 300 dpi (or higher) laser printer. Each document will consist of two pages, which will serve as the master for the front and back side of the pamphlet. After the high quality masters are produced by your computer, you can use a standard copy machine or printing press to duplicate the two-sided pamphlets. By carefully aligning the margins on both sides, the finished product will produce an attractive tri-fold pamphlet, which will easily fit a standard envelope or distribution rack.

Victorious Living Pamphlets
Acrobat ReaderClick Catalog# to view text.
Click "Download PDF" to download pamphlet master (must have Acrobat Reader)

Basic Christian Living, Bible study, Evangelism
VL-101 Bible Reference Guide Download PDF
VL-102 What Every Christian Should Know About Authority Download PDF
VL-103 Why Christians Need Fellowship Download PDF
VL-104 Sowing And Reaping The Seeds of Discord Download PDF
VL-105 Complaining Will Only Make Things Worse Download PDF
VL-106 Do You Have A Critical Spirit? Download PDF
VL-108 Help In Making Right Choices Download PDF
VL-109 What To Do If Your Brother Trespasses Against You Download PDF
VL-116 Healing Is One Of God's Benefits! Download PDF
VL-117 The Golden Rule: Seeds For Human Relations  
VL-120 What You Should Know About New Age Movement  
VL-121 Things That Every New Christian Ought To Know Download PDF
VL-122 You Can Be Free From The Bondage To Offenses!  
VL-123 Releasing God's Power Through Praise! Download PDF
VP-125 Prayer Changed America's History Download PDF
VL-126 Unanswered Prayers: The Most Common Reasons Why Download PDF
VL-128 Don't Go To Hell! Download PDF
VL-129 Sex and Marriage: Commonly Asked Questions Download PDF
VL-131 The Tithe Belongs to the Lord  Download PDF
VL-132 Is Your Tongue out of Control? Download PDF
VL-133 Unforgiveness! Satan's Secret Weapon Download PDF
VL-134 Recognizing & Defeating Your Enemy: The Devil!  Download PDF
VL-135 Witnessing: A Matter Of Life Or Death Download PDF
VL-137 You Can Live A Victorious Christian Life! Download PDF
VL-139 Principles of Great Faith Download PDF
VL-141 Breaking Spiritual Strongholds Download PDF
VL-147 What's Wrong With Gossip?  
VL-149 Check Your Attitude  
VL-150 Drugs and the Christian  
VL-159 Lifestyle Danger!  
VL-160 8 Ways To Be A Help To Your Church Download PDF
VL-161 How To Find A Good Church Download PDF
VL-163 Things to Consider, Before You Quit Your Church Download PDF
VL-164 About Spiritual Gifts  
VL-163 How To Keep From Getting Hurt In A Church Download PDF
VL-168 When Sin Persists in the Church  
VL-169 Why Should you Attend Church? Download PDF
VL-170 When Your Church is Without a Pastor Download PDF
Inspiring stories, articles, scripture writings
VL-601 The Power of Prayer Versus a Deadly Twister Download PDF
VL-602 Survival in San Francisco's Earthquake  
VL-603 What Do They Mean By Traditional Values? Download PDF
VL-604 Whatever Happened To Disciplining Kids?  
VL-606 Can There Be Unity In The Body of Christ? Download PDF
VL-608 The Tomb Is Still Empty! Download PDF
VL-609 Prayer is the Key Download PDF
VL-610 Never the Same Again (testimony)  
In God We Trust
How to Bless Your Pastor Download PDF
Christian Technology, internet, sound, TV
  Church Sound System Operation  
  Using Mics for Ministry  
  Tips for Church Sound Mixing  
  The Internet: The Gospel's Great Opportunity  


Book Cover A Complete Online Book
“What People Ask About The Church”
-- by Dale A. Robbins, D.Min.

The complete 1st version of this nationally distributed book is on the web for your reading enjoyment! Everything you ever wanted to know about the church and more. This well-researched book has been used as a reference by clergy and laymen alike, and answers seventy-five of the most intriguing or controversial questions about the modern and historical church. It is packed with scripture references and includes a glossary of common church-related terms. The foreword is written by Hal Donaldson, editor of the Pentecostal Evangel. A tremendous resource for laymen, ministers, and anyone who desires to learn more about the Christian church.

Paperback 212 pages.
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