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Washington Community Fellowship is a multi-denominational church affiliated with Virginia Mennonite Conference. We are located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, and seek a qualified Pastor to lead our 35-year-old fellowship. We are a mission-focused, faithful and conviction-filled community of roughly 100 people most of whom participate in small groups. With our current pastor retiring at the end of January 2018, we are seeking new leadership.REQUIRED GIFTING a)Effective, winsome, visionary leadership oriented to growing the church and its presence in the neighborhoodb)Confessing and teaching a high view of Jesus as the Savior of the world and Lord of the universe c)Confessing and teaching a high view of Scripture as the Word of God for building the faith and life of the church d)Stimulated by work in a multi-denominational setting and willing to promote a healthy diversity of faith traditions and practice (while standing firmly on own convictions)e)Stimulated by work with an educated, thoughtful congregation willing to grapple with difficult issues in love, but not always agreementf)Excellent, nuanced, theologically rich, Bible-based preaching with strong application for our daily lives.

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