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I’ll meet your volunteers on a Friday evening. We’ll practice Saturday afternoon and evening. Then Sunday morning, I will introduce your church's Praise Band! After that, I will continue as your Praise Band’s leader by way of weekly CDs – teaching the songs for worship. The church’s weekly practice CD costs just 20 dollars. To make it easy and fun, we use ukuleles. And yes ... I can teach you what you need to play that first Sunday in just one day! I am a state-certified music teacher. I have developed a fun / easy method that keeps you learning and laughing. New people will attend just to experience the joy. I charge 1200 dollars for the weekend, plus 50 dollars per student. My fee covers all my expenses; miles, meals and motels. The per student cost covers the price of the ukulele and all instructional materials. To please the young and old, we use time-tested hymns. Except, we “polish them up a little”. They sound new, fresh and anointed! Recruit from your church. Tell your grand-kids. Our greatest success was a church in Ohio that went from an attendance of 9 to a high of 104 in just ONE YEAR! I’ll be glad to answer all your questions. E-mail me at: drstevehale @ THANK YOU!

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