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Grace Community Church, in Elma Washington, is a conservative, independent, non-denominational fellowship, seeking a godly man, as described in 1 Timothy 1 and Titus, to pastor and serve in our rural community. One who will shepherd our small flock of Bible believing families, who gather to love, edify, and encourage one another. The man God sends to us should desire to be an integral part of our church family. We hold fast to the inspired Word of God, which is inerrant, complete, and unchanging. Our authority is the One True Triune God, and salvation is through Jesus Christ alone. The pastor we are looking for will need to be a part of our elder-deacon leadership, who desire to grow and build disciples for Christ. Grays Harbor County is ripe for harvest (John 4:35, Luke 10:2). If interested please send a resume to or PO Box 537, Elma Wa. 98541. Attn: Search committee. This posting will close on January 15th 2018

Ad Number: 438 Posted: 11/16/2017
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We are currently looking for a Pastor to lead our congregation in Decatur, IL. We are an independent Baptist Church with a heart for God and a love for each other and a desire to grow and serve together. We are looking for a Pastor who loves the Lord and loves people, a Pastor who will faithfully preach and teach the Word of GOD and reach out to the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We currently have about 60-70 in attendance on Sunday mornings and are looking forward to seeing what GOD will do in and through this church.We have a Sunday Morning and evening service and a Wednesday Night prayer and bible study.Salary is negotiable and we have a parsonage available. Our website is http:www.experiencegrace.netPlease send your resume to

Ad Number: 437 Posted: 11/13/2017
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I was born in a rural ranching community in western Colorado. My parents were, and are, godly examples who sought to raise me to love the Lord. My mother shared the gospel with at a young age. It was then that I repented of my sins and sought to follow my Lord Jesus as best as a young man can. After getting opportunity to teach and preach in the local church, I knew that there was nothing else that I desired to do. It was then that my wife and I decided to apply to The Masters Seminary and begin the necessary training ministry. With formal training completed, we are looking to where God will call us. Our heart is for rural America where God's people do not have the luxury of variety. If this is your church, a church that most people would say is in the middle of nowhere, your church is on our hearts and we long to serve, to come alongside, to love. If after reading this letter of introduction you feel that Brittany and I might be a good match for your body, please contact us.Email:

Ad Number: 436 Posted: 11/11/2017
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PASTOR OPENING - Cooks and Fayette Congregational Churches of the East Delta Parish, located on the beautiful Garden Peninsula in the Central Upper Peninsula of Michigan, are looking for a Pastor. We are two rural churches that share one Pastor. We have a long rich history of faithful believers, over 100 years! The Garden Peninsula, located on Lake Michigan, is a beautiful four season haven. Our parsonage is located 1 mile from a consolidated K-12 school and just minutes from hunting, fishing, swimming, hiking, snowmobiling and skiing. For more information or to submit a resume contact Brenda at

Ad Number: 435 Posted: 11/09/2017
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Ministry position available for a Youth PastorAssociate Pastor in the beautiful Oakland Hills at an exciting community church with outstanding facilities. Unique expansion for growth opportunities for a creative and Christ centered individual. The beauty of our location and the possibilities of our facilities are endless. For the right person, this is the opportunity for someone to develop a unique Youth Ministry with the right foresight and creativity to do so! The mentorship of a Senior Pastor and Dallas Seminary Alum as well as possible parsonage makes this an incredible blessing to all!

Ad Number: 434 Posted: 11/08/2017
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Churches are hospitals for the sick, but who helps the hospitals in need? That's where House Call Ministries steps in, making house calls to sick churches and administering treatment acording to the illness. House Call Ministries is focused on healing the sick and dying church through: Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 15:1-4) Grounding Christians by helping them grow deeper in Christ being established in the faith (1 Cor. 3:2) Evangelism training, Teaching Christians how to use their sword in battle (Eph 6:12) From milk to the meat of the Word ( 1 Cor 3:1-4) Helping churches to be able to contribute to the fight and further the gospel once again Pulpit filler What ever your church needs let House Call Ministries help. or

Ad Number: 433 Posted: 11/08/2017
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The Lord recently told me and has continuously reaffirmed to me to Feed My Sheep. Feed My Lambs. I have a great passion for God's people and for His little ones. I do not believe that the Churches have been feeding them with the whole gospel. They preach about what Jesus has done for them, saving them. However they do not teach them that you Have been bought with a price and you are not your own. They have to die daily. They are His bond slaves. That they need to buffet their bodies and bring them into subjection. That their enemy, Satan, stalks them like a roaring lion seeking whom he will destroy and that they need to be awake, aware and sober minded. I have very strong Bible knowledge and a strong ability to research any point that needs my attention. I know how to follow His Holy Spirit. I am strongly Conservative in doctrine. Greetings. My name is Robert Duskis. Saved in 1971. If you would like to communicate further about my possibly serving you and those who you love, please either call me on my cell phone of (714)351-0662 or email me at

Ad Number: 432 Posted: 11/08/2017
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God-honoring, traditional, healthy young church seeking Reformed man called to preach. Seminary is acceptable, but not required, just a love of and reliance on God's Word. Currently bi-vocational. Email to Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ad Number: 431 Posted: 11/06/2017
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We are two rural churches in southeast Nebraska who share a minister. We are located within an hour of Omaha and Lincoln in an agricultural area. We are searching for a minister. Please contact us at for more information.

Ad Number: 430 Posted: 11/05/2017
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Looking for the right pastor is less like hiring an employee, and more like finding the right spouse. That is, there's only ONE who is truly called and ordained to serve as your shepherd, and the only way to find him is to seek the Lord's guidance to bring you together. The Lord, alone, knows the real potential of any person, or what's truly in their heart... so unless you seek HIM and let HIM do the choosing, you'll be disappointed and will be back here again soon looking for another one. "But the Lord said to Samuel, Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." (1 Samuel 16:7)
      As for me, I'm probably a different kind of pastor than most, in that my primary concern is not the church size, denomination or what you have to offer, but ONLY IF THE LORD HAS CALLED US THERE. I'm a seasoned pastor of many years, who preaches the truth of God's Word regardless whether it pleases everyone or not, I fast and pray until God brings breakthroughs, and I love and care about people until it hurts. And through the ministry of Worship, Prayer and the Word, we've been overjoyed by the awesome array of souls, blessings, and marvelous answers to prayer THAT HE BROUGHT in each of the several churches we've pastored previously (John 15:5).
      I'm not merely looking for a job, but God's calling to that flock that He has ordained for me and my wife. And we're confident that wherever HE sends us, HE will again bring blessing, revival and victory as we humble ourselves before Him, seek his face, obey and proclaim his precious Word! My wife and I are musically gifted, well-educated, highly experienced, with all the bells and whistles that look good on a resume... but more importantly, we're filled with the Holy Spirit, believe in His awesome power to do the impossible, and are in love with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! We're currently located in MIDDLE TENNESSEE, and Lord willing, are looking to remain in this area. We'd be so glad to hear from you, and pray for God's leading and direction. God bless you!

Ad Number: 429 Posted: 11/04/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
We are a small church searching for a part time keyboard artist for Sunday Morning Services only. We can pay 75 weekly for this position. If interested...please contact Pastor Vince Inman at 912-590-7898

Ad Number: 428 Posted: 10/26/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
In the public school system I went from substitute teacher all the way to head principal. I eventually left the school system and went on to speak in depth about Christ-centered education, doing keynote speeches and hosting a Christian radio show for over a year. I am completing dissertation for my Doctorate in Christian Philosophy and seeking to serve in a pastoral role preaching the gospel of Gods free grace in Jesus Christ. I believe, in his providence, the Lord used my experiences in building leadership, the ability to teach, and many years of studying his word. Currently residing in Northeast Ohio, but open. You can hear me speak about Christ at:https:youtu.be1VFtT9-QvhQ?t379Please email me to discuss these further at -Chad

Ad Number: 425 Posted: 10/24/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
I am a spirit filled, conservative in doctrine, preaching and teaching minister looking for a Church in the Midwest. It is my desire to exalt our Lord first and foremost above all else. I believe in the present day moving of the Spirit, but also believe His work, if genuine, will follow scriptural lines. My ministry is one of teachingpreaching, discipling, and building believers in Christ (Col. 2:7). The focus of my ministry is to see God honored and people saved and conformed to the image of Christ. My purpose is to instruct believers in the Word of God, to teach them to be mighty in prayer, and to reach others for Christ. If interested, please contact me at the email address below.Please note: I was divorced (nearly 25 years ago) and remarried (17 years ago). Divorce is never Gods perfect will, and there are no winners in divorce, only degrees of losers. The issues relating to my divorce were dealt with many years ago. If this is an issue please do not consider me as a candidate. Thank you. Rev. Joseph Hawley 49867 Pioneer Dr. Unit A Morongo Valley Ca. 92256, (760)399-0759.

Ad Number: 424 Posted: 10/17/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
I know your load is heavy! And, you cry. I can't stop the progression of the disease, but I can help you carry the load. Do a Google search for: "Dr Steven James Hale PhD/ Gerontologist. That's me! I am presently under contract with a major Ohio healthcare corporation. But, they allow me the freedom to teach at churches and senior centers. Contact me to set-up a luncheon on any Wednesday. I will be glad to do a one-hour presentation on dementia care - followed by another hour of question and answer. Let your congregation know and advertise the seminar to others who also care for a dementia patient. It will be a blessing! Just cover my travel expenses and I'll do the presentation for a love-offering. I have found that so many people are caring for a loved-one with dementia, yet know so little about the disease. My presentation is for all dementias - including Alzheimers. There are twelve different dementias. Alzheimers is just one of the twelve. Please, e-mail me at: I am available to any church - coast to coast. Thank you so much! It is my pleasure to help you.

Ad Number: 423 Posted: 10/16/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
With the retirement of Our Senior Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church have an opening for a Senior Pastor.Peace has a 50-year history of serving the Palm Bay, Florida area. We have significantly grown ministries to feed the hungry, house the homeless, provide tutoring, and minister to the youth. We are a traditionally Lutheran, primarily retirement-aged congregation of 150 covenant members gathering for both contemporary and traditional worship services. We recognize and accept that growing and sustaining our outreach ministries is a fundamental mission that will define the future of our church.Please visit the Peace Lutheran Church Website at to find out more about our church and community.Senior Pastor Requirements-the ideal candidate possesses the following qualifications:1. Ordained, LCMC Certified Pastor or be willing to expeditiously complete the LCMC ordination process.2. Three years senior pastoral experience or equivalent experience as an assistant associate pastor.3. A calling for and have experience in developing programs for young adults and families.We prayerfully request you submit your resume, references and statement of doctrine to, which is limited to Call Committee access to protect your privacy.

Ad Number: 422 Posted: 10/12/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
I'm a middle-aged ordained Assemblies of God pastor, seeking the Lord's direction for our next pastoral assignment. My wife and I have pastored several successful churches, which the Lord raised up over time from smaller, struggling congregations. I'm a conservative, Christ-centered, preacher-teacher of God's Word, devoted to prayer and spirit-filled living. Both my wife and I are also musicians and worship leaders, with familiarity toward a "blended" style of worship music (combining both contemporary and conservative styles). We are Spirit-filled, well-educated, and have a strong passion for prayer, evangelism and revival. We're seeking an opporunity in Middle-Tennessee, where we currently reside. Jesus is the center of our lives, and His work is our purpose in life! If interested, email for more information.

Ad Number: 275 Posted: 10/17/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
Sunman Community Church is a small( 25 member ) non-denominational church located in Sunman, Indiana. We are looking for a full-time pastor to shepherd our small remnant of conservative, Bible-believers to not only help encourage and provide spiritual nourishment to church members, but also to reach the unsaved in our community, so that together we may grow advance The Kingdom Of God. Essential Requirements: Possess a B.A. or greater theological degree from an accredited evangelical seminary. Be in agreement with our doctrinal statement. Relocate to the area. Plan, manage, and oversee the execution of the Sunday morning service, including delivering main sermon and childrens sermon. Perform pastoral functions such as baptisms, weddings, funerals, and baby dedications. Be visible and involved in the community, so as to grow the church. Desired Duties: Teach adult Sunday school, if possible. Lead blended-style worship music( no musical or vocal talent required ). Act as youth minister. Prepare service bulletins. Salary: Negotiable, based upon qualifications and experience level of the candidate. A 5-bedroom, 2010 sq ft single level parsonage is available for housing adjacent to the church. More info at

Ad Number: 420 Posted: 10/10/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
Providence Church of Southeast Texas was created from two historical churches in 2010 when we set out to create a different kind of church - a church that wasn't just for church people. Our mission: To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We created a place that is welcoming, helpful, and maybe even a little fun for everyone. We want a place where people feel excited to invite their friends. A place where people feel they can grow and take the next steps in their relationship with God. Our vision is to create a church that unchurched people love to attend. We design our environments to be comfortable, attractive, and inviting. We believe connecting with God should not be complicated. We've seen God work in phenomenal ways as 100's of people have experienced life change in our community and around the world. Our average attendance is 260. We are looking for topical bible based preaching, a prophetic voice and inspirational advocate for all, and a caring shepherd for all. If you have a passion for reaching the unchurched we pray you will consider us.

Ad Number: 418 Posted: 10/05/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
Preaching teaching the un-watered down gospel of Jesus Christ. A graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College (Bachelors degree expository teaching). Pastored Hosanna chapel for over seven years. Led and Directed All Services. Led the overall outreach and mission effort of the church. Developed the long-term vision and short to medium-term strategies and goals for the outreach and mission ministry. Motivated and equipped members for involvement in outreach and mission ministry. Implementing training and provided resources for evangelism. Planned and implemented calendar for missions and outreach opportunities. Communicated effectively with congregation and community organizations regarding mission and outreach opportunities. (818) 207-5656

Ad Number: 417 Posted: 09/24/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
Faith ChurchFairmount, IL USASeeking Full Time staff: Lead PastorIndependent affiliationChurch Size: 40 to 60Faith Church is an independent church body located in East Central Illinois. Historically we have been affiliated with the Evangelical Methodist Church. Six years ago we became an independent church developing our constitution with a Wesleyan influence. We are seeking a shepherd who will care for and lead the church body in developing our walk with Jesus Christ. We are located in a small town setting with the opportunity for city comforts within 30 minutes travel to Champaign and Danville, Illinois. Our church family is varied in ages from young to old and we have active ministry work with children, youth, men and women. We seek to build relationships through the avenues of prayer, discipleship and missions. You may view information about our church at: http:faithchurchfairmount.compastor-searchIf you feel led to guide a church into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through the use of Holy Scripture as the sole evidence of Truth then please send a resume to

Ad Number: 415 Posted: 09/21/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
Why do all the ads cry out for, or about, men who have degrees from seminaries, someone who can lead them to new growth, and not the sufferings of the cross? Why are they not crying out for a man that has spent years in the wilderness being tempered by God like John the Baptist? Why are they not crying out for men who were driven by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil like their master, Christ? Why are they not crying out for men like the apostle Peter who was sifted like wheat by the devil? Why are they not crying out for men like the apostle Paul who suffered the loss of all things that were gain to him? Why are they not crying out for men like the apostles in Matthew 19, who by the voice of Peter told Christ that they have forsaken all? This is all I have to offer. Im simply a voice from the wilderness, one who has lost all things that were gain to me. I am simply a man that has, and is learning to bear his cross, looking for others to lead. Marty Dickerson 918-876-6427

Ad Number: 414 Posted: 09/18/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
I'm an experienced, married, middle-aged pastor in the Nashville, TN area, seeking either a part-time or full-time pastorate in the Nashville or middle-Tennessee area. Size is not a concern as all of our congregations have prospered and grown under our soul-winning, teaching oriented leadership. I am a conservative, Christ-centered, nondenominational preacher-teacher of God's Word, devoted to prayer and spirit-led holy living. I am well-educated, my theology is evangelical-charismatic, and I am a strong proponent of the need for spiritual renewal in the church and our nation. I have pastored both large and small congregations, and have enjoyed fruitful ministry in both. My style of preaching is dynamic, attention-holding, and is well received by all age groups. Both my wife and I are musicians and worshipers, and prefer a "blended" style of worship music (combining both contemporary and traditional). We reside in the Nashville area, and are not seeking to relocate... as this area is also where our married daughter and her family lives. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the center of our lives, and His Gospel is the purpose for which we live! Thanks and God bless you!

Ad Number: 931 Posted: 10/17/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
We are a nondenominational, spirit filled, loving, Bible believing, debt free church, in NE GA, seeking a full time head pastor to replace our retiring founding pastor. We average 200 in attendance on Sunday, comprised mostly of families who love God and each other and are willing to serve faithfully where needed. We are ready and excited to follow God's leading to grow our church, by reaching out and ministering to our local community. We are praying for a pastor who is a family man, who seeks after God, follows the Holy Spirit, preaches that the Bible is The Word of God, and Jesus Christ, the only way to heaven, and who understands the importance of growing the children's and youth ministries. We have a passionate worship team. We are open to reorganization, new ministries, direction on leadership, and following the Holy Spirit's guidance in this new season for our church. If you are an experienced pastor, have a God given and Holy Spirit directed vision, with the vitality to accept a new challenge, please send your resume and compensation requirements to our Pastor Search Committee at No employment placement companies please.

Ad Number: 413 Posted: 09/18/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
Experienced pastoral leader of 27 years seeking to relocate back to OKLAHOMA. God has laid on our hearts a believing for the state of Oklahoma, we have friends and family there, and know God is directing us in clear ways. I have very broad experience regarding Pastoralleadership and Christian Education alike. I do hold a B.A,and an M.A Min. Shepherding and educating has been at the very core of what I do daily. Effective preaching, teaching and counseling are clear hallmarks of the ministry as a whole. I believe I have a practically engaging edge to the message the lord uses me to speak through. I fully embrace the ministry of the Holy Spirit,in all aspects as related in Scripture. We are specifically seeking the right fit for our ministry and the those to whom the Father sends us to. I do believe in applying Biblical truths and principles to our contemporary world. I am a firm believer and seek to practice ministry with a view that God is the one truly ministering, healing, empowering, baptizing, edifying and interceeding.

Ad Number: 412 Posted: 09/15/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:
The Bethel Baptist Church in Troy, New York is prayerfully seeking Gods next Anointed Pastor to lead us. We are searching for a Pastor who is guided by the Holy Spirit and committed to serving our church, members and community. The perspective candidate should possess visionary leadership and a willingness to partner with and guide us as we move forward building Gods Kingdom. The Pastor will serve as our Spiritual leader and have the primary responsibilities of preaching and teaching the Word of God, engaging in Pastoral Care Ministries and providing administrative leadership in all areas of the church. If you have been guided by the Holy Spirit to seek the position as Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, please submit your application and resume. You may view the full announcement and download the application by visiting our website at . Applications must be postmarked by December 1, 2017.

Ad Number: 409 Posted: 09/09/2017
E-mail: Web SIte:

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