REGARDING THIRTY-NINE DISEASES: When we published the printed version of this article in the 1990's, we included this anecdotal claim for the sake of the illustration our author was trying to make. Dale Robbins first heard about the association of thirty-nine root diseases from another pastor in 1973, who allegedly heard it verbally from Dr. C.I. McMillan, a physician and author of the famed book, "None of These Diseases." The same claim was also heard commonly in a variety of Christian related medical circles in the 1970's, and it was reported, but not verified, that it had appeared in the AMA. When we attempted to research the precise origin of the quote later in the 1990's, we could not find an association to McMillan. The closest we came was that it had been a belief held by some circles of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncturists, such as described in the book, "Integrating Western and Chinese Medicine." Our online writing only represents an electronic version of what was published in 1995, and we have not made attempts to revise it... except to comment on it here. While thirty-nine such diseases could provide an interesting correlation with the atoning stripes of our savior, it can only be cited as speculative, "a belief held by some Far Eastern medicine practitioners," not as a proven fact.