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Why do some churches encourage
the use of offering envelopes?

Donations to a church which possesses a nonprofit organization status are tax exempt, and the church is required to retain records of donations and to issue annual receipts in order for contributors to claim these as deductions from their taxes. Most churches retain the envelopes as physical donation records to comply with IRS laws. Donations made by check alone, with the donor's name and address, will probably receive appropriate credit, but it is a help to a church's accounting to use an envelope.

Some churches take note of their members stewardship patterns as indicative of their faithfulness to scripture and the support of the church. However, it is to be noted that giving (especially to the poor) was intended to be a private matter to be kept between the contributor and God (Matt. 6:1-4). Some consider the viewing of a contributor's offerings as a violation of that secrecy.

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