A prominent religious leader once gave me the following advice: “The questions are more important than the answers. It's your job to ask the questions and seek the answers; but ultimately, it's God's job to reveal the answers.” But fortunately, God raises up persons like Pastor Dale Robbins to serve as instruments to communicate His answers.

Whenever I read a book, I want to know about the author. I want to know if he or she is writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I want to know if his or her personal life measures up to a standard of holiness. I want to know if they are motivated by personal gain or by a desire to touch the lives of people. The writings of Dale Robbins are worth reading, for he is a gifted writer and a servant. He is motivated by a passion to win souls and a desire to enrich the lives of believers.

This book will bless you. It will answer your questions and help you gain a better understanding of the church. Thank you, Dale, for having the courage to write such a book.

— Hal Donaldson
President of Church Care America
Editor of the Pentecostal Evangel

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