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Links to many recommended sites on the World Wide Web.
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  1. The Victorious Network — A premier site devoted to victorious Christian living. It features online Bible studies, articles and books, a world-wide prayer ministry, a Bible reference guide, and an encyclopedia of Christian links (this page).

  2. What People Ask About The Church – A complete online book by Dale A. Robbins which answers intriguing questions about the modern and historical church — 212 pages from Victorious Publications.

  3. The Assemblies of God Online — Select this link to learn more about this outstanding Christian fellowship. You can find a great A/G church in your local area.

  4. The Four Spiritual Laws — This is a clear scriptural explanation of how to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, as presented by Campus Crusade for Christ.

  5. 24 Hour International Prayer Network — A world-wide Christian prayer chain that will intercede for your needs.

  6. Religion News Today — Excellent up-to-date news pertaining to religious issues, nationally and worldwide.

  7. Christian College Directory — This is the internet's best directory of Christian Bible colleges and seminaries, hosted by ICL Net.

  8. American Bible College and Seminary — Earn a fully accredited seminary degree by distance study.

  9. CBN News — Transcripts of CBN news and interviews from the 700 Club, containing current Christian events and trends.

  10. Promise Keepers — Learn more about this dynamic interdenominational men’s ministry that is sweeping the nation with their stadium-filled crusades. This official site will provide general information and give national scheduling updates.

  11. Christianity Net — One of the most popular sites of Christian resources, devoted to connecting Christians worldwide.

  12. Dove Family Movies, Videos and Entertainment — Listings of videos and movies suitable for Christian family viewing.

  13. Churchlink — Church directory and links to Christian resources.

  14. FishNet — A very good Christian resource directory and links.

  15. CrossWalk.Com — One of the most widely viewed Christian sites, featuring resource directories, hundreds of links, and the best collection of Bible study helps.

  16. Best Options -- This is an outstanding Christian service devoted to providing low cost business building and marketing solutions.

  17. LifeTime Adoption Facilitation Center — A very good Christian adoption placement service headquatertered in Nevada County, California.

  18. The Pastoral Search Network — A bulletin board service that lists churches looking for pastors, and ministers looking for churches.

  19. The Worship Leader — Information and resources pertaining to worship leaders.

  20. Free For All Christian Link Page — A large directory of Christian links and resources.

  21. Victorious Publications – A catalog of Christian literature and books, offering FREE packets of Bible study pamphlets.

  22. David Wilkerson Teaching Series —This site will take you to the archives of the Time Square Pulpit Series, by Rev. David Wilkerson. This is truly one of the best series of Bible-based teachings found on the internet.

  23. First steps for New Christians – A scriptural article and guide for all new Christian believers.

  24. Guide to Early Church Documents — A great site featuring archives of early church writings.

  25. ChristianAnswers.Net — Bible answers, Ministry Tools, and more.

  26. The CRI Archive — Interesting articles and teachings relating to Biblical apologetics and cult/heresy awareness.

  27. Christian Literature Guide — Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet.

  28. Why so many Bible Translations? – An informative article that explains the purpose and background of many of the different Bible translations.

  29. How to avoid Hurts in a Church – A timely article that explains how to avoid the misunderstandings and disappointments that can occur in the body of Christ.

  30. Prayer is the Key – An encouraging article about the power of prayer, and the testimony of a woman whose prayers disarmed a burglar.

  31. Unanswered Prayers: The Most Common Reasons Why – A provocative, Bible-based writing that explains how to avoid hindrances to answered prayer.

  32. How to Find a Good Church – An informative article by that gives practical guidelines for finding a good local Christian church to attend.

  33. The Victorious Christian Life – An encouraging, Bible-based article that explains how to experience the joy and peace of Christian living.

  34. Power in Praise & Worship – A Biblical study that explains the purpose and effect of Christian worship and praise.

  35. How to get Along with People – A writing that explains the Biblical methodology of human relations.

  36. How to Receive Healing – A scriptural study that explains the scriptural foundation and means to receive physical healing.

  37. Understanding Spiritual Gifts – An article and Bible study explaining the scriptural foundation and operation of Spiritual gifts.

  38. How to Deal with Trespasses – An informative Bible study that provides scriptural for resolving differences and conflicts in the body of Christian believers.

  39. Principles of Great Faith – A Bible study that deals with how to develop faith for an effective prayer life.

  40. Defeating your Adversary, the Devil — A scripture study that describes the authority that all Christians have over the evil reality of Satan.

  41. About Sex & Marriage — Brief, prudent Biblical answers to five common questions asked about sex and marriage.

  42. What are Traditional Values? – A provocative article that defines the Christian meaning behind this often-used term.

  43. Can Unity Exist Between Churches? – A challenging article that explains how to encourage unity among Christian denominations and churches.

  44. Witnessing: A Matter of Life & Death — A Bible study that deals with the scriptural mandate of personal evangelism.

  45. Do you have a Critical Spirit? — A Bible-based article that explains how believers can get control over a critical attitude.

  46. Authority & the Christian — A very good Bible study on the concept of spiritual and secular authority.

  47. Complaining Makes Things Worse — An article that discusses the problems associated with complaining, from a Biblical perspective.

  48. Freedom from Offenses — A Bible study that explains the general reasons for hurt feelings and how to overcome them.

  49. Before You Quit Your Church — Practical guidelines one should consider before leaving one church to look for another.

  50. Guidance Toward Godly Decisions — A scriptural checklist to consider before making choices and decisions.

  51. Drugs & the Christian — A list of five scriptural reasons why drugs are not acceptable to a Christian's lifestyle.

  52. Don’t Go To Hell! — The testimony of a man who saw the flames of hell during a temporary death experience.

  53. Is your Tongue out of Control? — An article that discusses the need for discipline over one's words.

  54. About the New Age Movement — A brief study that explains the background and goals of this ambiguous, mystical movement.

  55. How to Help Your Church — A practical guideline that shows how one can make a positive difference in their church congregation.

  56. Why Go To Church? — A scriptural guideline that explains the purpose and need of church attendance.

  57. Don't Rob From God! — One of the best articles to be found on the principles of tithing and Christian stewardship.

  58. The Chastening of the Lord — A Bible article about divine correction and punishment.

  59. Lifestyle Danger! — Written exclusively to Christians, this article spells out a serious warning to those who persist in a lifestyle of sin.

  60. What’s wrong with Gossip? — One of the most complete mini studies on the subject of gossip, as it related to Christian living.

  61. His Tomb is still empty! — A Christian traveller describes his visit to the ancient burial place of Jesus Christ.

  62. Never the Same Again — The Christian testimony of author/pastor, Dale A. Robbins.

  63. Discipline your kids! — An amusing, yet informative article about Christian parenting and discipline.

  64. What will you trade for Jesus? — A Bible study that challenges one's values upon spiritual things.

  65. Sowing & Reaping Seeds of Discord — A testimony and scriptural exhortation against causing turmoil and strife in a church.

  66. Why Christians need Fellowship — A Biblical article which outlines the reasons why believers need to gather with other Christians.

  67. Don't give up on America! — An encouraging look at the historical roots of revival in the U.S.

  68. When all else fails, Pray! — Testimony of a young couple who pray in desperation and God sends an angelic visitor to provide their needs.

  69. Survival in a 7.1 Earthquake — A pastor tells the story of his brush with death in one of America's worst natural disasters.

  70. Never the Same Again — A rock musician, on the verge of suicide, finds a personal relationship with God and later becomes a pastor.

  71. Prayer Helped us Survive a Twister! — A Midwestern family huddle in the basement to pray, and survive a deadly twister.

  72. Check Your Attitude — A biblical article that talks about the need for good attitudes.

  73. Beware of Satan's Secret Weapon! — An article that discusses the danger of a bitter or unforgiving attitude.

  74. Bible Reference Guide – A topical list of practical Bible references for personal study or counseling resources.

  75. The Goshen Online Study Library — A great collection of online Bible study helps.

  76. The NIV Bible — The complete text of The New International Version of the Bible.

  77. Nave’s Topical Bible — Look up Bible passages which relate to virtually any subject.

  78. The Biblical Studies Foundation — A source for Christian study literature.

  79. Church Sound System Operation — A very helpful writing that will help anyone to better understand the concept and operation of church sound systems. Many helpful suggestions, including how to eliminate feedback and interference. Every pastor and sound operator should read this.

  80. Using Mics for Ministry — Helpful instruction for preachers, worship leaders, and anyone who plans to use microphones in ministry.

  81. Tips for Church Sound Mixing — A brief, step-by-step description of sound board mixing and operation.

  82. RefDesk.com — A one-stop site for general information about anything. An ideal place to begin research or study.

  83. Hotmail e-mail — Providing free e-mail service to anyone with internet access.

  84. The Gallup Organization — See latest polling information or participate with surveys.

  85. News from Reuters Online — Latest news reports from the largest world-wide news wire service.

  86. Federal Bureau of Investigation — The interesting home page of the FBI.

  87. Library of Congress — Online access to the U.S. Library of Congress.

  88. Welcome To The White House — The interesting home page of the U.S. White House. Send the President an e-mail.

  89. U.S. House Of Representatives — Contact your Congress Representative or check on their voting record.

  90. Corel — Home page of Corel, computer graphics art software products.

  91. Cable News Network — Up-to-date news from the foremost TV news channel.

  92. Starting Point — Probably the best internet search site, combining the power of most major search engines. A great place to start looking for anything.

  93. Alta Vista — The award-winning internet search engine.

  94. Netscape — Why mess with anything less than the best? Download the world's most popular web browser from Netscape.

  95. How far is it? — An amazing service that provides distances between any two destinations, maps and travel info.

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