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Prayer, Faith, Trials and Victory
Lessons of Faith and Perseverance for Victorious Christian Living
88 Pages - Retail $7.95 - Also available from Amazon/Kindle

In this easy-reading book, the author shares remarkable testimonies to answered prayers, including those of his mother, whose faith God honored by saving their family in a deadly tornado when he was a child... and by bringing him to Christ, delivering him from a life of sin and addictions, as a young adult.

Also presented are selected lessons and articles on prayer and faith, such as how to develop great faith and a more effective prayer life, the most common reasons for unanswered prayers, how to rise above trials and remain steadfast in faith, how to receive healing from God through prayer... and much more.

How To Keep From Getting Hurt In The Church
You Can't Stop Hurtful Things From Happening, but You Can Stop Them From Hurting You!
128 Pages - Retail $8.95 - Also available from Amazon/Kindle

Hurts are common to the body of Christ everywhere, and are routinely exploited by Satan as diversions against the Church... to splinter and scatter the sheep if possible, to wound sincere believers and leaders, and to cause great harm to the work and mission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This book will help you preempt Satan's mischief by becoming prepared and "immunized" from the offenses that are sure to come (Luke 17:1). By becoming equipped with the wise instruction and counsel of the Word of God, you can resist such harmful effects and remain steadfast to your faith in God, and with your relationships within the body of Christ.

What People Ask About The Church (2nd Edition)
Answers to your Questions Concerning Today's Church
212 Pages - Retail $10.95 - Also available from Amazon/Kindle

Everything you ever wanted to know about the church and more! This well-researched book has been used as a reference by clergy and laymen alike, and answers seventy-five of the most intriguing or controversial questions about the modern and historical church. It is packed with scripture references and includes a glossary of common church-related terms.

Some of the Topics covered: Why are there so many different churches? – How can I find a good church? – Why are there so many hypocrites in the church? – Why do so many churches have splits? – Why do most churches meet on Sunday? – How can I tell the difference between a true church and a cult? – Why is it so hard to find a perfect church? ...These questions and many more.

Prayer Solutions
Biblical Answers to Questions People Ask About Prayer
145 Pages - Retail $8.95 - Coming Soon 2016

This book deals with solutions that can come through prayer, answering dozens of questions such as... What Good Does it Do to Pray? - Can Prayer Help Get Me a Job? - How Can I Pray In God’s Will? - Will God Answer Prayer for a Sinner? - What Happens If I Pray For the Wrong Thing? - How or Where Should I Pray? - Can Prayer Make Someone Fall In Love With Me? - Do I Pray to God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit? - Why Are Some Prayers Not Answered? - What Does it Mean to "Pray-Through"? - Can God Answer Prayer For Healing? - If My Prayers Aren't Answered Should I Give Up? - Can Prayer Get Even With My Enemies? - What Does it Mean to Pray In the Spirit? - Can Prayer Save My Marriage? - Does Fasting Do Any Good? - Can I be Healed Through Prayer? - What is "Name-it Claim-it" Prayer? - Can Prayer Make Me Rich? - How Can I Get Answers to Prayer? - Can Prayer Make the Devil Leave Me Alone? - What is Spiritual Warfare? - Is Intercession the Same Thing As Prayer? - Can Prayer Break An Evil Spell or Curse? - What Does it Mean to Pray Without Ceasing? ...and many more!

America's Coming Storm May Be It's Last Opportunity
158 Pages - Retail $9.95 - Coming Soon 2016
Can National Crisis Bring Repentance and Spiritual Renewal?

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, traumatized America in ways not seen since World-War Two, but it was nothing compared to the impending storm that is about to collide into our nation. In the past, America relied on God to intervene and stand in itís defense, however our society has largely regressed to a state of defiance and hostility toward God, while its problems and adversaries have grown exponentially.

Our weakened and fragile nation is about to be tested by the greatest ordeals of its history. A perfect-storm of chaos is postured to converge, from without and within... Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration, military conflict, racial turmoil, natural disasters, economic collapse, political paralysis... while the populace has been lulled into a stupor of godlessness and self-absorption.

Americaís crisis, however, can serve as an opportunity... for our nation to reawaken to its need for God's help and strength, and for the church to shake itself from apathy and compromise, to bring souls into the kingdom of God. How Americans respond to these troubled times, will determine the remaining future of our once great nation.