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Your church or Christian ministry can download these FREE scripture-packed discipleship booklets and pamphlets for distribution. When printed out by your computer, our wide assortment of pamphlets can be reproduced inexpensively by a standard copy machine or printing press. Evangelical churches and missionary organizations are currently using these doctrinely sound materials to share the Gospel and touch lives for Christ.

Download/Printing Instructions

Your computer must have the FREE Acrobat Reader installed in order to view, download and print from your computer. Click ID or Title below to view text content, or Click "PDF Version" to download pamphlet master. After you retrieve the selected pamphlet into the Acrobat screen, you will select "landscape" mode in your printer options in order to proceed with printing. The best quality will be achieved with a 300 dpi print resolution. Do not scale or resize, but print at original dimensions. Each document will consist of two pages, which will serve as the master for the front and back side of the pamphlet. After the masters are produced by your computer, you can use a standard copy machine or printing press to duplicate the two-sided pamphlets. By carefully aligning the margins on both sides, the finished product will produce an attractive tri-fold pamphlet, which will easily fit a standard envelope or distribution rack.

Victorious Living Pamphlets
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Click "PDF Version" to download pamphlet master (must have Acrobat Reader)
621It's a Wonderful Life
135The Gospel: A Matter Of Life Or Deathwitnessing-importance-135.pdf
170When Your Church is Without a Pastorwithout-pastor-170.pdf
169Why Should Christians Attend Church?why-church-169.pdf
145Do You Have Warped Spiritual Values?
137The Victorious Christian Lifevictorious-life-137.pdf
606Can there be Unity between Churches?unity-between-churches-606.pdf
601Prayer Saved Our Lives in a Twistertwister-survival-601.pdf
619In God We Trust
603What is Meant by Traditional Values?
132Is Your Tongue out of Control?tongue-control-132.pdf
608Christ's Tomb Is Still Empty!tomb-empty-608.pdf
131The Tithe Belongs to the Lordtithing-truths-131.pdf
610Never The Same Again
105Complaining Only Makes Things Worsestop-complaining-105.pdf
174The Steps of a Good Man
164Spiritual Gifts: Their Origin & Purpose
168When Sin Persists in the Church
129About Sex and Marriagesex-marriage-129.pdf
133Satan's Secret Weapon: Unforgiveness!satans-weapon-unforgiveness-133.pdf
620What Was Your Name Again?
116How To Receive Healing From Godreceive-healing-116.pdf
617The Reason for the Christmas Seasonreason-season-617.pdf
163Before You Quit Your Churchquit-church-163.pdf
602Survival in a Deadly Earthquake!
126Why Some Prayers Go Unansweredprayer-unanswered-126.pdf
184What is Spiritual Warfare?
186How to Resist the Devil
181Developing a More Passionate Prayer Life
189Why is Prayer Necessary?
609Prayer is the Keyprayer-key-609.pdf
183What is Intercessory Prayer?
187What is Effectual Fervent Prayer?
185The Benefits of Prayer with Fasting
188Can Bad Things Happen to People Who Pray?
180How to Get Answers to Prayer
125Prayer Changed America's History!
611Praying When Your Back is Against the Wallpray-fervently-611.pdf
123The Power of Praise and Worshippraise-worship-123.pdf
175Ways to Encourage Your Pastorpastor-encourage-175.pdf
122Freedom From the Bondage to Offenses
121First Steps For New Christiansnew-christians-121.pdf
120What is the New Age Movement?
103Why Christians Need Fellowship need-fellowship-103.pdf
622My Mother's Love
159Life-style Danger!
501Using the Internet for Gospel Ministry
182How to Become a Christian
160Ways To Help Your Churchhelp-church-160.pdf
128Don't Go To Hellhell-detour-128.pdf
139Principles of Great Faithgreat-faith-139.pdf
147What's Wrong With Gossip?
108Guidance Toward Godly Choicesgodly-decisions-108.pdf
117How to Get Along with People
178The Ministry of Friendliness
161How to Find a Good Churchfind-church-161.pdf
618My Father's Watch
150Drug Abuse and the Christian
134Defeating Your Adversary, the Devildevil-adversary-134.pdf
173Death Comes When You Least Expect It
106Do You Have a Critical Spirit?critical-spirit-106.pdf
503Understanding Church Sound Systems
502Tips for Effective Church Sound Mixing
177Revival Broke Out in Our Church
504Using Microphones for Ministry
104Sowing and Reaping Seeds of Discordchurch-discord-104.pdf
109Dealing With Trespasseschristian-trespasses-109.pdf
176What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?
604Discipline Your Kids!
612The Chastening of the Lord
141Breaking Spiritual Strongholdsbreaking-strongholds-141.pdf
171Why So Many Bible Translations?
101Bible Reference Guidebible-guide-101.pdf
614Things May be Better Than You Think
167Avoiding Hurts and Offenses in the Churchavoiding-hurts-167.pdf
102Authority: What Christians Should Knowauthority-christian-102.pdf
149Check Your Attitude
179Antidote for Fear
172All Things Work Together For Good


Book Cover A Complete Online Book
“What People Ask About The Church”
-- by Dale A. Robbins, D.Min.

The complete 1st version of this nationally distributed book is on the web for your reading enjoyment! Everything you ever wanted to know about the church and more. This well-researched book has been used as a reference by clergy and laymen alike, and answers seventy-five of the most intriguing or controversial questions about the modern and historical church. It is packed with scripture references and includes a glossary of common church-related terms. The foreword is written by Hal Donaldson, editor of the Pentecostal Evangel. A tremendous resource for laymen, ministers, and anyone who desires to learn more about the Christian church.

Paperback 212 pages.
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